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By Jelila
The Bali Times

SEMINYAK ~ Discover ‘The Gift’ – a new framework for inner wholeness. This week, a fun quiz to measure your self-harmony and help you achieve balance and peace in your life.

The Gift is my concept of four important inner identities we all need to have working together to fulfill ourselves. They are:  Masculine, Feminine, Inner Child, Higher Self. Discover your inner-balance quotient now in this easy quiz.

Quiz – Measure Your Inner Harmony

For each question, tick the one you most prefer.  No peeking – let your intuition guide you!

1. Meal: a) Juicy steak, b) Salmon with butter sauce, c) Pizza/pasta, d) Veggie bake.

2. Residence: a) Glass & chrome penthouse, b) Romantic country cottage, c) Funky tree-house, d) Remote mountain hide-away.

3. Holiday: a) High-power skiing or activity, b) South of France villa, sharing with friends, c) Fun visit to Euro-Disney, d) Bracing Himalayan retreat.

4. Flower: a) Red hibiscus, b) Rose, c) Yellow carnation, d) White lily.

5. Pet: a) Powerful Bulldog, b) Elegant Afghan, c) Adorable Labrador pup, d) White Husky.

6. Pen: a) Gold and Black MontBlanc fountain, b) Free-flowing rollerball, c) Contemporary snazzy design with knobs n’ blobs, d) Simple biro.

7. Drink: a) Espresso: strong, b) Latte, c) Mochacino, d) Herbal tea.

8. Vehicle: a) Sleek black Mercedes, b) Battered, well-loved Jimny, c) Yellow VW or beach-buggy, d) Mini-moke or “anything that goes.”

9. Activity: a) Tennis or football, b) Netball or dancing, c) Go-karts or skating, d) Yoga, colonics.

10. TV: a) Current affairs/news, b) Cookery/health, c) Idol, cartoons, d) Philosophy, discussion.

Now add up your answers, noting how many:    a)_____ b) _____ c) _____ d) _____.

Mostly a)

Active, happening, real world, success, work, cash, and attainment, your choices reflect the Inner Masculine identity. Good at planning, organizing, managing money and resources, and doing things step-by-step, the Masculine identity relates to everything that has physical form and is thus limited by time and space. Do your creations feel satisfying? If not, check how many b)s you chose (for you need input from the Inner Feminine to ensure the feel-good factor of your creations, and to give you the inner appreciation and feedback that you so need!).

Mostly b)

Concerned with feelings, intuition, relationship, and love, your choices reflect the Inner Feminine identity. The Feminine is good at dreaming up what you want to create, for she equates to “all that has yet to be created – the formless” and also to chaos, and is timeless and infinite. She is great at relating, and caring for others – make sure you extend this care to yourself, too. How many a)s did you get?  Is your Inner Masculine providing for your physical needs?

Mostly c)

Fun, playful, possibly even wild, your choices reflect the Inner Child identity. Great for parties, letting your hair down and simply enjoying yourself, the Child is creative and able to overcome problems through sheer inventiveness. How many a)s and b)s did you get? Are your “inner parents” giving you enough resources (Inner Masculine) and love (Feminine)? Is your Inner Child out-of-control with no inner parents, or are you all having a balanced party together?

Mostly d)

Spiritual, concerned with “the good of all,” your choices reflect the Higher Self identity. The Higher Self is good at seeing the big picture and coming up with ideas to benefit the community. It loves to contemplate, philosophize, and practice yoga or vegetarianism. Do you need to come down from the mountain and allow your physical needs to be fulfilled by the Masculine a)s? Are you connected with the feelings of the Feminine b)s to guide you? Do you allow your Child c)s to have fun? Be sure to look after yourself, as well as looking after the community.

Well done! Your four identities are working together. Continue to dialogue with them to maintain a balanced, winning inner team!

Here are the results of some common imbalances when one part of the self takes over to the exclusion of the others:

Masculine Dominating

Result: Stress, stress, and more stress. Focused on the physical world of money, cash, success and attainment, yet with little input from the feelings of the feminine, you end up with action devoid of feeling, resulting in successful money-making schemes (property developments, businesses) yet which do not feel good – costing too much in human terms, pollution, or other side effects. So you achieve lots, but feel … awful.

Feminine Dominating

Result: Boo hoo hoo! Tears before bedtime as your emotions take control and you are unable to make plans, or indeed make anything happen, without the active real-world element of the Inner Masculine.

Child Dominating

Result: Party-on the roller-coaster, baby! Yet you might have trouble holding down a job, putting food on the table, or staying out of the control of playthings like drugs.

Higher-Self Dominating

Result: Unkempt, shoeless vegetarian guru on top of a mountain. Divestment of property. Fanaticism and lack, without the feeling element of the Feminine to bring the guidance of the heart, and the Masculine to provide physically. Dryness, without the fun of the Child.

Many self-help and spiritual books say we should always “act from our Higher Self” in order to better ourselves. However, I don’t agree, simply because the Higher Self is desireless! It has no drive; it just is. Better to allow the Feminine feelings and intuition to guide, the Masculine to create a plan and enact it, the Child to input fun and the Higher Self to input the community “good for all” wisdom. Then your inner team will help you realize creations which are successful, loving, fun and peaceful – and how good can that be?

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Jelila practices healing in Bali at: Wellbeing Spa, Jl. Laksmana 66B, Seminyak. Tel: +62 (0)361 735573. If you have a question you would like help with in this column, please write to Jelila at jelila@jelila.com

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