Contractors Call for Change to Building Regulations

DENPASAR ~ The Bali Contractors Association called on the government this week to revise existing regulations governing the maximum height of new buildings, during a regional meeting in Sanur.

Delegates at the meeting heard how new regulations were urgently required because existing rules allowed the construction of buildings that were “destroying the image of the city,” according to association chairman Made Dwipa Kusuma.

Rapid developments were eating up vast tracts of land around the city, he said, adding that if buildings were permitted to be taller than the currently permitted 15 meters, that would save more land from being used up.

Current regulations were no longer appropriate, since Denpasar was overflowing with buildings and there were now fewer green areas, he added.

“We hope the government will make an immediate revision to the regulations to keep the city in order. The regulations are supposed to protect the people’s interests and be positive instead of negative” for the city, he told delegates.

“If the current regulations are kept in place, soon there will be no available land left in the city,” he said.

The meeting also emphasized the importance of involving investors, city planners and private organizations or universities in drawing up new building regulations.

Nyoman Suwarjana, head of the association in Denpasar, said the regulations must accommodate collective instead of individual interests, especially if there were no limitations on height.

He proposed that proper zoning be applied following the issuance of new regulations.

“Considering that there are many areas with religious value in Bali, there must be certain rules to limit where high buildings will be allowed and where they won’t be allowed,” he said.

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