Controls Imposed on Poultry Traffic

DENPASAR ~ The authorities intensified control over the movement of poultry this week in the wake of an outbreak of the deadly bird flu virus that has claimed at least two lives locally.

Jembrana Regency has returned some 20,000 day-old chickens from Wonokoyo in East Java based on an order issued by Regent Gede Winasa.

The regency now requires that all poultry being brought in from outside Bali be accompanied by a bird flu-free certificate.

“We have to coordinate with the Bali Animal Quarantine Office so that that poultry coming into Bali can be inspected,” the regent told a news briefing on Monday.

The regent has also issued an instruction forbidding breeding and transportation of poultry into and out of Jembrana.

Meanwhile, Denpasar has intensified its poultry checks and is conducting inspections every two days at two entry points, in Ubung district and Jl. Ida Bagus Mantra, Sanur.

“We’re going to intensify inspections for a month, watching the entry points from other regencies,” Erwin Suryadarma of the Mayor’s Office told The Bali Times.

He said 15 personnel from the local Husbandry and Transportation Office had been stationed at each location to check on poultry as well as to spray disinfectants.

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