Spiritual Times – The Illusion of Magic

By Jelila

For The Bali Times

SEMINYAK ~ Living in Bali, we hear about magic, and even black magic, locally. But what is magic? Is it dangerous? Find out, and discover how to create for yourself, safely, here.

According to one dictionary, magic is “a force that seems to control or influence events in a way in which we do not understand.”

Feel, hear, sense or see the scene in this easy meditation:

Relax, breathe and imagine yourself arriving on shore from a boat. Guided by natives to visit their mud hut, you produce a lighter from your pocket. Clicking a flame, the tribespeople gasp, and exclaim “magic!” Enjoy the feeling of clicking the light on and off, and the reaction, for as long as you wish. When ready, gently return to the room.

June came to me for help in selling her house in Bali.

“It keeps falling through,” she said. June had had a lot of disagreements when building the property and was also afraid of black magic (which is prevalent in Bali).

We explored June’s feelings about selling her house, and I guided her to release negative subconscious beliefs causing suffering and lack in many areas of her life. She sold the house quickly, and gained nice neighbors.

Another day in a session she said, “I’ve put on weight – look! Is it because of the work I’m doing with you?”

I smiled and pointed out she probably needed to diet and do more exercise. June looked rather taken aback. “Oh!” she said, “I suppose I do!” This was a turning point for June, as she suddenly realized the need to take responsibility for her own creations and stop blaming others. I also guided June to change the beliefs below to overcome her fear of magic.

How ‘Magic’ Really Works

Everything is created by the force of intention, known as natural law, or Universal law, which you may have discovered in the DVD The Secret. Think of your habitual feelings and intentions as creating a kind of energy web around your body. A magnetic information system. Known as the aura, we all sense each others’ feelings through this web, connecting us all. As we carry our web of beliefs and feelings and truths with us, we attract people and situations via the world’s energy web that reflect the truth we carry in our aura.

Much of our truth in our aura, however, is subconscious (i.e. not known to the everyday thinking mind). For example, we subconsciously believe we are useless, so we carry that in our aura, behave that way, and attract failure. If we deeply believe we are brilliant and successful, then that is what our aura carries, and is what we attract. (Charisma, by the way, is a positively charged aura.)

If you believe in black magic and believe someone else can influence your outcomes negatively, or that you have holes in your aura, or are susceptible to entities, then that is true for you, and that is the experience you create. Unfortunately, most people retain ancient beliefs emanating from times of past slavery and thus it is normal for us to believe that we do not have complete control over ourselves and our destiny, leaving us open to control by others.

Entities, dark energies, evil and the devil are all merely negative intentions or thoughtforms we have personified into beings, speaking of them as if they have a mind of their own. There is only one mind here; it is consciousness, and it is ours. The entire world, whether good, bad, positive, negative, is all an expression of consciousness (which is “God”). When we take a part of it and demonize it, we are refusing to embrace a part of ourselves and judging it as wrong. Better just to embrace our fear of the dark, of our own darkness – than make it into a scary beastie and be afraid of it.

The thoughts and feelings you emanate into your aura (which then attract your outcomes) are sensed by fortunetellers, who reflect what they intuit. What the reader tells you may reinforce or condition you to create the very thing they mention, so if you go for readings, I suggest you choose a responsible one who only tells you positive things. Thoughts and beliefs also influence groups – for example, the stock market is influenced by thoughtforms such as a feel-good factor.

We constantly condition each other through our behavior. This natural human art form is practiced by salespeople and those who are charming. (Notice charm also means magic spell.) We may exclaim, “He had me under his spell” when we fall for somebody. We could also say, “I allowed him to condition me.”

When we approach a meeting feeling that our proposal is accepted, we act in a warm, confident way, naturally asking our host questions like, “How great are you feeling today?” conditioning them to tell us how great they feel – and to feel even greater – about us and our proposal. Whereas approach in a negative way, ask with hunched shoulders, “I don’t suppose our proposal was too bad, was it?” and catch the negative response you just conditioned. The negative response is not happening to you – you created it.

There is nothing wrong with being charming – and creating your own positive outcomes – as long as you have the best intentions of all parties at heart.

Belief Change:

Experience this simple process now to release these deep beliefs for yourself.

Relax, breathe deeply. Now connect with the active, working part of yourself and invite it to be present. Now invite in the feeling, intuitive part. The playful one. And the wise one. With all of you present, say aloud:

I choose to believe “I am afraid of the dark, of my darkness.”

I love myself when I believe “I am afraid of the dark, of my darkness.”

And I embrace it, and I surrender.

Take it slowly, rest afterwards, drink water.

Repeat the process for each of these:

I am not my own master, fully under my own control always.

I am not impervious and whole.

It’s not safe to be here.

I keep falling through.

I’m not powerful.

I am afraid I am controlled by fear.

Postscript: June feels more positive and much more in control of her life, and is achieving her goals.

You will only be afraid of magic to the extent to which you believe you can be influenced by the thoughtforms of others.

Next issue: Shaping Your Destiny

Jelila practices healing in Bali at Wellbeing Spa, Jl. Laksmana 66B, Seminyak. Tel: +62 (0)361 735573. If you have a question you would like help with in this column, please write to Jelila at jelila@jelila.com

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