Last Chance for Remaining Illegal Villas

DENPASAR ~ A total of 189 illegal villas in Badung regency have failed to register themselves to become legal entitles, and have been given a final week’s deadline to come clean or be shut down, a government official said.

“Our current data shows that most villas in Badung are now properly registered to operate as tourist accommodation,” Badung Tourism Office chief I Made Subawa told a news briefing on Wednesday.

The outstanding villas had failed to register because they still considered themselves private houses and not tourist facilities, even though they accepted paying guests, he said.

Earlier this year the government announced it was cracking down on hundreds of illegal villas that were operating as tourism business but failing to pay taxes.

They were also damaging the environment because many did not have proper waste-disposal systems in place, the government said.

A total of 711 villa companies are now registered as legal entities in Badung regency, said Subawa.

He said the government was working on direct legislation concerning villa operations in Bali. (BT) 

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One Response to “Last Chance for Remaining Illegal Villas”

  1. Made Sariada Says:

    All illegal villas must be shut down, since they pay no taxes to govt