In A Gust of Awe

Awe-gust! Finally it’s over! But am I really glad or sad about that? I know for sure my liver and kidneys are glad, but it’s just too much fun to be in amongst the hype and vibe that abounds the island during this season. What a whirlwind month of madness. High season hi-jinx indeed! I can vaguely recall endless summer parties, soirees, birthdays, weddings, Independence Day celebrations, new club openings, fashions parades, charity events, day parties, exhibition openings, store, villa and restaurant launches, – I mean how many occasions can we dream up to celebrate, really? Highlights included the fabulous Fire Island and White Party finale at Ku De Ta – jeeze, I’d like a lookey-see in the coffers of that joint; boy were those bar registers getting a massive workout through the month. In fact, I think I should receive shares in the place for all I’ve sunk in there. There were some lowlights, such as attending the dreary Miss China Pageant, whose organizers have something to learn in manners and event management (incidentally I’m still awaiting an apology). All in all it has been a fantastic season, where all stops were pulled out by most to impress not only those living here by putting exciting spins on annual and new events and really upping the ante. Hats off to the international visitors whom we are all grateful to (especially those yummy Italian boys) for helping us celebrate in grand style. Now, can somebody PLEASE pass me the Nurofen Plus…

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