Monte Swims Bali Strait

SEMINYAK (BT) ~ Champion ocean swimmer Monte Monfore has done it again, this time crossing the treacherous Bali Strait, to promote children’s education in Indonesia.

But the Independence Day swim did not go as planned, as high winds and a rough sea forced the Californian to abandon plans for a double crossing between Bali and Java.

“This is one of the interesting aspects of ocean swimming, as one can never accurately predict Mother Nature,” the 46-year-old Bali resident said before the event began.

The four-kilometer swim was sponsored by Pocari Sweat and ANTV and supported the Satu Hati Campaign. It was part of Monfore’s United Nations Millennium Campaign program.

“My swimming often supports the United Nations Millennium Campaign, which aims to end extreme poverty and hunger with global initiatives called Millennium Development Goals,” he said.

“In fact, goal number two is Achieve Universal Primary Education, which means ensuring every child in the world receives an education.  Education is key in breaking the cycle of poverty and hunger.

The Bali Times is pleased to support Monte’s swimming and humanitarian efforts. Donate to hungry children and see swim videos at

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