City Goes Online

DENPASAR ~ The Denpasar authorities are starting to introduce information technology to provide better services to residents and cut through exhaustive administrative matters and red tape, officials said.

Deputy Mayor of Denpasar Ida Bagus Rai Dharmawijaya Mantra told a press conference this week that the government has introduced information technology in the sectors of economy, education, health and resident administration.

“Information and communications technology is a globalization demand for a more transparent and accountable service,” he said.

Mantra said investors could now easily find out the requirements, length of time needed and cost in getting a business license from the government, via the

“We would like to improve the efficiency by cutting through red tape and unnecessary costs,” he said.

The website also features a faster and easier service for residents to renew their identification cards.

In addition, the deputy also introduced an e-commerce website, run by Denpasar Industrial and Trading office,

“The site features various handicraft products made by home industries in Denpasar. The website was created to expand promotion and market access for the industry,” said Mantra, adding that 28,500 people visited the site from February to August 2007.

In education, the government has initiated a cyber school program, in which all schools in Denpasar are interconnected.

“Cyber School connects school community, namely teachers and students, in a discussion forum which makes it more efficient not only for them, but also for parents looking for school for their children. They can also use free internet connections in schools.”

The technology, said Mantra, also stored a database of poor patients across Denpasar that could be accessed by any public clinic within the city.

“The record will result in faster services for poor people, so that they can receive medical care without complicated procedures,” he said. (RD)

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