Ni Ketut Inceg, 75, is a housewife and pig breeder from Sala village in Gianyar

What’s the greatest lesson life has taught you?
To be happy and satisfied with your life and everything will be fine.

What’s most important?

Being healthy and able to work hard.

What advice would you give the younger generations?

Be a good student who has a lot of knowledge about everything, so that in the future you can get a good job.

Are you worried about dying?

I am worried about it. I want to have a long life so that I can spend a lot of time with my grandchildren.

When was the happiest time of your life?

When I was a young girl. I was able to weave traditional Bali fabrics and earned a lot of money. But that all changed when there was a war between my village and the neighboring village, whose people stole all my weaving equipment.

And the worst?

When I was a child. My parents weren’t able to look after me and I was adopted. I missed my mother and father a lot. But my adoptive parents were nice, and I learned a lot of things from them, including weaving.

What’s humanity all about?

Sharing everything that you have with the people around you.

Why are there so many conflicts in the world?

I don’t know. Everyone is different and I believe they have their own reasons when they do bad things.

Is a peaceful world impossible?

It’s not impossible. It could happen if people really wanted it to happen.

Are you disappointed with your life or happy at what’s happened?

I am happy.

How old do you feel?

Seventy-five – old and weak.

Is there anything you still want to do?

No, nothing.

Is one lifetime enough?

No. I want to be reborn.

How has Bali changed since you were a child?

It has changed a lot. Life seems more glamorous now. When I was a child, I never ate rice; rice was very expensive and out of reach. But now people always eat rice and cannot eat without rice.

Is it better or worse?

It’s better. The economy is better and there are a lot of entertainment facilities available now, like the internet, television, movies and radio.

Has tourism been good for Bali?

Yes. It has given a lot of people the chance to work. A lot of people who were unemployed now have jobs.

What’s the major difference between the Eastern and Western worlds?

I don’t really know anything about the West, but physically I see different skin colors.

Have you ever doubted your religion?


What makes you so sure of it?

I believe in it. I grew up in a religious family and society. Everyone in Bali prays every day and that makes people religious and believe in God.

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