Blackout Causes Flight Delays at Airport

TUBAN ~ Simultaneous flight delays occurred at Ngurah Rai International Airport during an almost 40-minute blackout at the domestic terminal last Saturday morning, officials told The Bali Times.

Five local airlines were forced to delay their departure to Mataram in Lombok, Central Java’s Yogyakarta and Jakarta due to the two-hour outage, leaving passengers and airline operators without power during the check-in process, said check-in officials.

One local carrier, Mandala Airlines, was delayed due to the unscheduled repairs at the airport, however, the airline said.

“Everything was off for about two hours. We had no lights, no air conditioning, no power to move the conveyor belts. We had to postpone the check-in process,” said Ferry James, check-in officer of Batavia Air.

He said airline staff were forced to use display lighting from cellphones to register passengers as there was no emergency lighting.

“We had 109 passengers leaving for Jakarta and they were all stuck at the terminal along with passengers from the other carriers,” he told The Times.

Nicholas Edwin, Mandala’s station manager, said that his airline was able to cope with the outage.

“We continued with check-ins despite the power loss. Fortunately, our counter is positioned near the luggage exit, so we manually delivered the baggage to the exit point,” he said.

“The aircraft could still depart, because all the critical systems at the airport were running with emergency power. But without lights and power to move the conveyor belt, it was impossible to register all the passengers in time for departure.”

A spokesman for airport operator PT Angkasa Pura I, Akhmad Munir, told The Times that the power loss occurred for 39 minutes, from 6:15am to 6:54am.

“The power was down only for 39 minutes. When the power suddenly went off, our critical systems automatically switched to the emergency power supply. Everything critical, such as x-rays, radar and communications, were running the whole time,” he said.

He said the emergency system was not designed to power lights and air conditioners because they were not a priority.

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