Bali Gets $11m Infrastructure Overhaul

By William J. Furney
Managing Editor
The Bali Times
With Bali Editor Rian Dewanto

DENPASAR ~ Bali is getting a Rp100 billion (US$11 million) facelift this year, with work already underway on new road construction and providing more direct access to the island’s busy ports, The Bali Times can reveal.

Among the blueprints is a bridge that is to be constructed linking Serangan Island off the southeast coast to Benoa Harbor, the head of the Bali Planning Office, Adi Jaya, said in an interview with The Times this week.

When completed, motorists would have quicker access to the north and south of the island and will not be held up in traffic as they first swing into bustling tourist and commercial areas of Kuta.

“We are going forward with a plan to build a bridge connecting Serangan Island and Tanjung Benoa,” Jaya said, adding that a large part of the infrastructure budget was being spent on road construction connecting all parts of Bali.

Road building is currently underway to link southern areas of Bali to Padang Bai Harbor on the east coast – the ferry gateway to neighboring Lombok and beyond – and the busier Gilimanuk Harbor on the northwest coast, the ferry link to Java.

Four infrastructure projects are almost finished, and are slated for completion in November, among them another bridge, in Klungkung Regency.

Apart from the Serangan–Benoa bridge, which is being funded by the Badung government and private investors, the Rp100 billion comes from the central government in Jakarta as part of its 2007 state budget.

Jaya said, however, that the bridge project was currently being reevaluated because of a plan to extend the runway at the nearby Ngurah Rai International Airport. The bridge would be in airplanes’ final-approach flight path, and an extended runway would mean aircraft would have a lower altitude in the area of the bridge.

“The extension of the runway will effect the design of the bridge. With more planes coming in, and coming in lower, the bridge must be lower than it is in the current design,” he said.

The Badung government is to formulate a decree allowing the bridge to be operated as a toll road, according to Jaya, who said motorbikes would be allowed to use the facility.

“The national law forbids motorcycles from using toll roads, so the regency will issue a law that will allow motorcyclists to use this bridge. Otherwise there would be lower revenue and less profit potential for the investors.”

Funds have also been allocated towards improving water distribution by laying new pipes, repairing existing roads and improving public transportation.

“The Bali government has signed an agreement with five local authorities, in Denpasar, Badung, Gianyar, Tabanan and Klungkung, to process river water in those areas into mains water,” said Jaya.

He said a processing facility would be established in each region, as well as other infrastructure to support the distribution.

“Regarding public transportation, the planning office supports a plan to organize all public transport operators within Denpasar, Badung, Gianyar and Tabanan into one government-run company, which will provide more benefits for the operators, as well as the passengers.”

Infrastructure Projects Nearing Completion




Projected Completion Date

Budget (in Rp billions)

Dawan Kusamba

Tukad Bangis Bridge



80 percent completed

Nov 5


Tabanan – Antosari – Pekutatan


20 percent completed

Nov 28


Pekutatan – Negara


83.41 percent completed

Nov 26


Negara – Cekik


81.27 percent completed

Nov 26


Source: Bali Planning Office

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