I Gusti Ngurah Murthana, 39, is a leading music producer specializing in Balinese songs, and lives in Denpasar with his wife, Putu Prida Dewi, and their three children. He shared his day with The Bali Times’ Arga Sagitarini.

I get up at 6am and have breakfast with my wife and our three children. Afterwards they get ready for school, and I go to the office.

I started producing music four years ago, when my younger brother, who has a group called XXX or Triple X, asked me to be his producer. When I decided to do it, I wasn’t thinking about the money. I liked his music and wanted other people to enjoy it, too. Our production center is in Denpasar. I named the company Jayagiri Production, as the office is on Jl. Jaya Giri.

I have a staff meeting when I get to the office around 9am. We discuss what we have to do, what the important issues are that we have to deal with, and how we are going to do it.

We do a lot of things at the office, like listing to demo cassettes and selecting the ones we think are good, and then producing them and promoting the albums. We specialize in Balinese songs, but I’m not afraid of new things – for instance, right now there’s a trend in Balinese music in which Chinese elements are mixed in. I’ve also produced rock music, country and western and romantic music.

Triple X is my favorite band in Bali. It’s the first band that I dealt with in terms of producing music, and I felt such a great sense of harmony when I was with them that I then decided to also become their manager.

I’ve produced some successful albums but I’ve also had some flops. It’s a great feeling when an album is successful and being bought by a lot of people; it means the music is accepted by the people, and that they like my work.

One of my other successful bands is Nanoe Biroe. There’s no particular meaning of the name. They’re from Denpasar and up to now don’t have a manger.

I finish up at the office around 5pm and get home half an hour later. In the evening, I take part in community activities that are part of the Balinese tradition. It’s our way of communicating and keeping up good relationships with those around us. This is a very important concept of Balinese life. Another is helping your neighbors when they need it.

Like in marriage, people always help each other when there is a wedding, birth or death. We believe that when you help others, it brings you closer to them and forges strong bonds.

At night, after dinner, I like to watch Balinese music programs on television, especially because I like to know what is going on in the scene, so I can stay ahead of the competition. I wouldn’t want to launch an album at the wrong time, for example. It would be a disaster if I launched one at the same time as another musician.

I listen to more demo tapes at night; it’s a better time to do this because it’s more peaceful than in the afternoon, when there are a lot of interruptions. There are usually 10 songs on an album and it takes an hour to hear them all.

I’ll also spend time with the children, making sure they’ve done their homework, and helping them with it if they need it. My wife does more with the children than I do, though. I don’t spend that much time at home, and when Triple X has a concert I will be gone all night and not get back home until the following morning.

At home at night, I also do some video editing, for videos that go along with the music I produce. I love music and enjoy what I do. I don’t think I’m that much of a materialistic person, because I don’t think about profits, but rather, seeing people enjoying my artists. It’s rewarding and makes me happy.

There’s always such a lot to do the next day that I go to bed early, so I can get up early. So I’ll go to bed around 10pm, with thoughts on my mind of finding a great new group tomorrow.

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