Bali Seeks Blueprint for Development

DENPASAR ~ Authorities in Bali have asked the provincial government to immediately come up with a blueprint for development, in order to avoid additional planning and employment problems.

Officials said on Tuesday that Bali would face bigger problems in terms of city planning and social problems if developments were allowed to continue without proper planning guidelines from the government.

Member of Commission III of the Bali Legislature Dauh Wijana said that a holistic approach was necessary to address the developments that had gone uncontrolled in certain areas of Bali.

Lawmaker Puspa Negara from the Badung legislature said that currently, each regency in Bali did not refer to provincial regulations in issuing permits for developments.

“It’s not clear whether the rules have been modified following the characteristics of each regions or not. In reality, however, they have not been applicable to the actual condition of each region,” he said.

Negara said that the government should create an island management for Bali, outlining a defined strategy for a long-term development plan for each regency and city.

“Instead of using such a concept, each region is now creating their own rules to address their development, without seeing Bali as a whole, due to autonomy.”

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