Five Injured in Police Shootings: Reports

JAKARTA ~ Police have shot and wounded five people in two separate incidents, reports said.

Three were wounded by police attempting to scatter a mob blockading a truck on a road in the Papuan district of Memberamo Raya late on Sunday, the province’s police head Max Donald Aer told local media on Tuesday.

Aer, who urged the public against “anarchy,” said police had opened an internal investigation into the incident.

A group of tribesmen from the local Baudi tribe, angered after the driver of a passing truck belonging to a local logging company refused to give them a lift, attacked the vehicle, forcing the driver to flee.

After failing in their attempt to persuade the tribesmen to abandon the truck, police moved in, only to be met with arrows from the mob.

Local media said police warning shots fired into the air failed to disperse the group, and that two tribesmen and one logging company worker were wounded in the shooting.

In another incident, a police post was attacked by villagers angered by the alleged police beating of a youth in Nusa Tenggara province’s Alor island.

Two people were wounded by fire apparently from police shotguns while 17 policemen were injured, reports said.

The Alor district police could not be reached while a nurse on duty at the general hospital in the main town on Alor island confirmed that several civilians and policemen were being treated for injuries.

The nurse declined to give the number injured or the type of injuries they suffered.

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