Mayor Opens New License Office

DENPASAR ~ Denpasar Mayor AA Puspayoga opens a Denpasar License Office this week as part of ongoing efforts to improve public services.

During an inauguration ceremony on Monday, Puspayoga named six officials to run the newly established office – AA Gde Rai Soryawan as the office chief; I Nyoman Sudana as had of administration, Dewa Made Ariawan as head of programs; I Nyoman Gede Narendra as services chief; and Dewa Gede Juli Artabrata as head of the evaluation and information section.

Puspayoga told reporters he expected that the new office would be able to provide fast and efficient services to the public.

“We will be able to see if the office is beneficial to the people or not. Right now, investors have to go through a lot of complicated red tape to get licenses, and we have to work hard to get rid of that, to make the process easier. It has to become more efficient,” he said.

Denpasar Secretary Nyoman Aryana said that changes regarding investment would be made within the next six months following the introduction of a new law by the government.

“Changes will be made at least within the next six months, when the government has finished revising the law. Meanwhile, the staff will follow up suggestions, as long as it is done according to the proper laws,” he said.

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