Military Prepares to Safeguard UN Climate Meeting

DENPASAR ~ The Indonesian military in Bali is preparing to secure the United Nations climate conference in Nusa Dua in December as upwards of 10,000 people from around the world arrive on the island, the regional commander said.

Bali Military commander Syaiful Rizal told a news briefing that an intelligence operation was underway in strategic areas to prevent possible troublemakers from coming into the island.

“I don’t want to take any risks in protecting Bali during the conference. We will apply firm action towards people who intend to interfere with this international event. Shooting is among our security measures,” he said.

According to Rizal, threats may come from separatists groups, as well as from Indonesians who are intent on bringing up apparent human rights issues.

“I expect the people of Bali to keep an eye on their own neighborhoods. Security is very effective when everyone in the community is involved and reports any suspicious people or activities,” he said.

Rizal said the large and prestigious event would provide an opportunity to prove the effectiveness of local security before the international community.

“The military doesn’t want to hear any reports that delegations are being robbed during their stay in Bali. Everyone must be fully alert in order to ensure that Bali is genuinely safe and deserves to be a top tourism destination,” he said.

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