Bamboo Blonde-Shell

One of the funkiest stores to hit the fashion runway on the Oberoi Rd strip opened recently with Bamboo Blonde, owned by blondie-licious babe Louise Henry of Taboo Trading fame. With 12 years of retail and wholesale behind her, it was no surprise to see the store explode onto the fashion boulevard with a sizzling and traffic-stopping launch which included a Harley Davidson touring bike parade – think glamorous models flying giant hot pink and orange Bamboo Blonde flags perched behind hot Harley Biker Boys which had the entire street out to see what all the high-voltage revs were about. A posse of sassy, brand-conscious socialites flocked to the massive 150sqm store, which features unique, fresh and flirty fashion labels, men’s wear, accessories, shoes, bags and sexy evening wear. Dominated by a plush velvet-pink counter and retro, oversized, padded hassock footstool, guests were treated to a fashion parade that included hot authentic labels such as the globally super-cool Wish, Mink Pink, Sass, Sunny Girl, J.U.N.K and their own flamboyant label, Blurr. Pink-inspired cocktails such as Sea-Breezes, sushi and gourmet canapés were lavished upon guests which included family members Brian, Elaine and Marie Henry, as well as Saxton Looker, Philippa deLeonardis, Sarah Sellick, Melissa Lynton, Holly Bowden, Phillie Gebbie, Andrew McLatchie, Bec Duell, Claire Quinn, Dan and Dalia Brooks, Rod and Enrica Taylor, Jennie Creighton and Rachel Greaves amongst the masses. Loved the VIP Platinum Blonde Retail Therapy Cards and Vanity Vouchers, which are sure to be well used by this scribe and others.

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