NAME: Wayan Ningrat
AGE: 70
OCCUPATION: Retired farmer and fisherman
PLACE OF residence: Jl. Oberoi

What’s the greatest lesson life has taught you?
The greatest lesson is what I learnt from farming, as it was the only way to make a living.

What’s most important?

Living a healthy life in harmony with family and society.

What advice would you give to the younger generations?

Young people should be actively involved in youth welfare organizations and in the betterment of their neighborhoods.

Are you worried about dying?

No, I am not afraid of dying because death is inevitable.

When was the happiest time of your life?

It was when I was a farmer, from 1935 to 1993. Working in the fields and the income that I earned from it, which helped me support the family and to see my children through school

And the worst?

When I was a fisherman. Often the unpredictable weather prevented me from going to sea, thereby causing a loss of income.

What’s humanity all about?

Humanity is when one’s life is centered on work and social responsibilities to family and the community at large.

Why are there so many conflicts in the world?

This is because there are divergent views on religion and economics. All we can do is pray for peace in the world.

Is a peaceful world impossible?

No, it’s possible.

Are you disappointed with your life or happy at what’s happened?

Life is unpredictable. I don’t feel either happy or sad. I just live my life the way it is, in the moment.

How old do you feel?

I feel 60.

Is one lifetime enough?

Everyone thinks it’s too short because we want to enjoy life as much as possible. However we must be happy with the lifespan we have. I think it’s enough for me.

How has Bali changed since you were a child?

It has changed a lot in terms of infrastructure. Also, people earn more money now but expenses are higher.

Is it better or worse?

It is better now because Bali has developed in many areas. But it is getting more difficult to earn enough in keeping with the higher cost of living.

Has tourism been good for Bali?

Yes, it has been good.

Have you ever doubted your religion?

I have never doubted my religion, Hinduism.

What makes you so sure of it?

God has kept me safe and has given me all that I need.

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