NAME: Ni Made Sembur
AGE: 84
OCCUPATION: Retired farmer food seller

What’s the greatest lesson life has taught you? The greatest lesson is selling in the market. I used to have my own food stall while looking after my nine children.

What’s the most important? Working.

What advice would you give to the younger generation? They should finish their school and achieve the highest education possible because now they have been given the opportunity.

Are you worried about dying? I’m not afraid of death.

When was the happiest time of your life? When I was selling food at the market. I could work and take care of my children. I saved enough money from my earnings to buy land for my home.

And the worst? When the Japanese took my husband prisoner during the war.

What’s humanity all about? About raising children and giving them an education.

Why are there so many conflicts in the world? Because people tend to fight for their rights.

Is a peaceful world impossible? It’s possible.

10. Are you disappointed with your life or happy at what’s happened? I am disappointed because I’m old and no longer able to work. Many of my friends have also died.

11. How old do you feel? I feel 84.

12. Is one lifetime enough? I would like to live longer if I could.

13. How has Bali changed since you were a child? Many things that are available right now were not obtainable before.

14. Is it better or worse? I like the old days better.

15. Has tourism been good for Bali? I don’t pay attention to tourism.

16. What’s the major difference between east and west? The western culture is hard and cold. I like eastern culture better.

17. Have you ever doubted your religion? Never. I feel confident of my religion.

18. What makes you so sure of it? I feel safe and protected by it.

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