Balinese Go to Europe to Work

TABANAN ~ After a closing ceremony of a short training course, 240 members of the Indonesian Blue-Collar Workers (TKI) are planning to embark to Europe in order to work in tourist sectors abroad, I Gede Nugura Rai Wijaya, from the Department of Transmigration and Labor in Tabanan, said.

Attendees of the ceremony included Peter Zinty, a delegate from Maersk Logistics, the director of the Asia Pacific World Cruise Center, IB Putu Astina, , as well as senior government officials.

“Recently, countries in Europe have developed a need for Indonesian workers, especially from Bali, because Balinese workers are known to have good working habits, and they are friendly and honest,” Zinty said.

Astina explained that he has collected workers from Makassar, Jakarta, Bandung and Balikpapan to participate in the program. He also said that he had already secured certificates and letters of recommendation from the Labor Ministry of the Czech Republic and h

“The Czech government will receive Indonesian workers. The workers will depart from Bali and will be accepted by various industries,” Astina added.

Wirajaya said that ideally the program would improve the laborers’ social statuses by giving them a way to break free from poor and jobless lives.

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