Travel to Asia to Beat Flight Delays: Report

NEW YORK ~ Travelers wanting to avoid flight delays should head to Japan and South Korea and avoid Brazil, according to, which rated Asian airports as the best in the world for on-time departures.

Six of Japan’s airports figured in the US website’s top 10 for on-time departures, with Osaka Itami International airport emerging as the world’s most efficient airport with 97 percent of flights leaving on time in 2007.

Tokyo’s Haneda airport, which handled 66 million passengers last year, came second with only seven percent of flights taking off late.

Osaka Itami also fared well for arrivals, with just eight percent of its flights landing late in 2007. But top of the list for arrivals was Seoul’s Gimpo International, where 95 percent of planes touched down on schedule.

But not all Asian airports were so efficient. At Beijing’s Capital International Airport, expanding ahead of the Olympic Games later this year, just 33 percent of flights took off on time in 2007.

By comparison, Brasilia International emerged as the world’s worst airport terminal for on-time departures, with less than 27 percent of flights taking off within 15 minutes of their scheduled departure time.

Other poor choices for punctual travelers were Cairo International, with 47 percent of flights leaving on time and Paris Charles de Gaulle – the worst-placed European airport with only 50 percent of planes taking off on time.

Most US and European airports had mediocre punctuality records, said, singling out New York’s LaGuardia as the worst US airport for arrivals, with just 58 percent of flights arriving on schedule.

The figures came from data collated by FlightStats, a service that tracks historical and real-time flight information, said.

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