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I Wayan Randig is a local man whose duty is to use the Queen of Rangda mask during the Rangda dance, which tells the Calon Arang story.

He lives in Kulibul Kawan in with his wife Ni Nyoman Gandri and three children, I Wayan Sadira, Ni Nyoman Seponi and Ni Ketut Sukreni. He shared his day with The Bali Times’ I Gusti Gede Manik Santika

I wake up at 6:30 every morning. Before a Balinese Hindu ceremony, I wash my hair to clean my mind because I know I will be donning the Rangda Queen mask soon. I never forget to pray to God for grace and protection at the small altar in my house. I have breakfast with my family at 7am and then prepare my equipment.

The Rangda dance is one of the spiritual dances in Bali. The dance is also known as the Calon Arang dance, and is performed to clean bad thoughts from the mind, bad intents from the soul and bad air from the place where the dance will be performed. The dance is famous in Bali and is usually performed at big ceremonies in people’s homes or when a new family temple is built. The dance is also performed on specials days like Tumpek Wayang.

When the pemangku (priest) requests that I perform in the Calon Arang dance at a big temple, I must prepare myself by praying in the temple and performing small ceremonies to cleanse myself. These small ceremonies are called Mabiukaon and Mapraskita. During them, I wear my Rangda costume, which consists of earrings, long, spotted trousers, a spotted shirt and gloves in the form of claws. Then, of course, there is the Rangda mask, which I put on when I dance. At the altar, I ask for God to allow the Queen of Rangda’s spirit to enter my soul. When the Rangda spirit enters, it takes over my body.

The dance of the Calon Arang portrays the story of the Queen of Rangda, who lives with her son Rarung. The Rangda Queen is a strong woman who has strange magic and controls the entire demon world. One night, when the Rangda Queen was sleeping, the Maling Guna, an expert thief, sent by Barong, tries to kill the queen. The Malin Guna raises his sword to try and kill her, but nothing happens because the queen cannot be hurt. When she wakes, she is very angry with the thief and tries to kill him. The Maling Guna runs away and returns to Barong’s kingdom.

The Barong, unhappy at the news, decides to fight the Rangda Queen himself. He doesn’t have to look for her, though, because the queen goes to his kingdom to kill the Maling Guna. The Barong tells the Banaspati King to battle the Rangda Queen; the world trembles. In the last act of the dance, the Rangda Queen raises her magic gauze and kills the Banaspati King.

After the story is finished, the main characters, the Rangda Queen and the Banaspati King, must enter into another ceremony so that the spirits will return to the spirit world. The Calon Arang story always starts at midnight and ends at 3am. The show is short but the preparation ceremonies need more time.

After the show, I always pray again because God has given me the ability to use the Rangda Queen mask. I go home around 4 or 5am and fall asleep at around 5:30am. Then I recoup my energy so that I can work in the farm the next day.

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