Owner of Miu Pet Shop

Nuke is the owner of the Miu pet shop in Seminyak. The 23-year-old camera-shy (pictured here, a feline friend) animal lover lives on Jl. Kunti II with two adult cats and five kittens. She shared her day with The Bali Times.

“Breeding is a profitable business.”

I wake up at 8am. The first thing I do is feed my kittens and cats before heading to the pet shop. Some people might think it’s silly to own seven cats in addition to running a pet shop, but I love animals.

At the pet shop, I have 24 other kittens and cats that need to be fed. Right now, there are also six dogs in the shop. We have one Kintamani and pit bull mix, three Golden Retrievers, one Chihuahua and a Pomeranian. During the week, I help my two staff members to feed, groom and care for the animals.

When it isn’t raining, the staff walk the dogs. The Golden Retrievers especially need to be walked because otherwise they would get into the habit of being lazy. Sometimes we walk the dogs all the way down Jl. Kunti to the Pertamina gas station or we’ll walk them up the block towards Jl. Seminyak.

There are so many more cats in the shop than dogs because I breed the cats myself. I only breed Persians and Himalayans. Most people order the kittens from my shop before they’re even born. They’ll put a deposit down when they notice one of my cats is pregnant.

I’m thinking about branching out and breeding Golden Retrievers as well, though, since I now have both a male and a female. Customers prefer buying puppies and kittens, as opposed to already grown animals, so breeding is a profitable business.

My brother just gave me a male Golden Retriever named Flash. Flash is only 3 ½ months old, but already I’ve had various clients approach me about breeding Flash with their golden retrievers. I’m still considering their offers, but I also have my own female golden retriever. Her name is Amor, and she’s 3 years old. Every Sunday, I take them both to Double Six Beach.

I graduated last year from Undiknas University in Denpasar with a degree in economics. When I finished my studies, I didn’t have a job, so I opened up the shop instead, last October. Breeding and taking care of pets have always been a hobby of mine, so starting a pet shop made sense.

Every week, we sell an average of three cats and one dog. Many Japanese people living in Bali have bought my Persian cats. Most of my customers are foreigners who live in Bali. Australians, Italians, Mexicans, Spanish and all kinds of people come to the shop. Most of my customers are from Australia, though.

Although I breed the cats myself, my dogs are from breeders in Java and around Bali. The most popular dog breeds are Golden Retrievers and Shih Tzus.

I also run a daycare center and kennel. When people are going out of town, they leave their pets with me. My clients are always asking me how I can keep cats and dogs all over my pet shop without them fighting. I don’t know why they don’t fight. I think it’s because they’re used to spending every day together. They all play with each other and get along.

The shop closes at 9pm. Sometimes, I take a few pets home with me. I have to alternate which animals I take home, though, because if they travel too often, they get stressed out.

I’m very happy with what I’m doing. The kittens and puppies are so cute, and I spend all my time with them. It’s hard not to be happy.

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