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Canadian Late for Own Funeral

OTTAWA ~ A Canadian family’s grief turned to outrage on Tuesday after a deceased relative missed his own funeral because his coffin was bumped from a flight home to make room for luggage, media said.

Dennis Hamilton died suddenly last week while working in western Canada’s oil-rich Alberta province. His sister-in-law Judy Hamilton told public broadcaster CBC the family was aghast when his remains did not arrive home in easternmost Newfoundland province on time for his funeral.

“You just don’t bump a loved one in Montreal and keep him there for a whole night and say, ‘They can wait,'” she told CBC. “And let luggage go on? It’s not acceptable.”

Prince Buys Camel for $2.7m

ABU DHABI ~ The crown prince of the United Arab Emirates of Dubai has bought a female camel for a record US$2.72 million, an organizer at a camel beauty pageant said.

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashed al-Maktoum “bought camels … worth 16.5 million dirhams ($4.49 million), including a female camel … for 10 million dirhams ($2.72 million),” Hamad bin Kardoum al-Amiri said.

More than 10,000 camels – including females, which are the fasting racing camels – from across the Gulf are competing for prize money totaling around $9.5 million. One hundred cars are also up for grabs.

School ‘Bans Birthday Cakes’

WELLINGTON ~ A New Zealand school is to ban children sharing birthday cake as the government introduces new guidelines to restrict unhealthy food being sold to pupils, a report said.

Oteha Valley School in Auckland has told parents not to allow their children to bring birthday cakes to school for friends to share, The New Zealand Herald reported.

The school said the ban had been introduced because the government was implementing new healthy eating guidelines for schoolchildren in June.

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