Bali ‘Must Take Crimes against Tourists Seriously’

DENPASAR ~ In order to keep Bali’s image positive to maintain a steady flow of tourism, crimes against tourists will have be handled more seriously, a businessman has said.

The managing director of Sesari Transport, Made Kondra, said on Sunday that competition between tourist destinations was fierce, and crimes against tourists were bad for Bali’s image.

“Bad things that happen in Bali can be used like weapons against Bali tourism; we cannot allow this to keep happening. Security officers, local government and tourists themselves need to coordinate for better security and convenience,” Kondra said.

He said that crimes targeted against tourists showed that Bali had a weak security system and the blame couldn’t be placed on security officers alone; other institutions had to concern themselves in the matter in order to fund security activities.

If needed, he said funds could be allocated from hotel and restaurant taxes to create a better security system for tourists.

“No one should wait until countries issue travel warnings against Bali. Bali should be kept secure,” Kondra stated.

He added that he had seen a significant growth in the number of tourists from Japan, Australia, Taiwan, China, Korea and Russia, and in order to keep tourism up, Bali would need to be secure.

“Let us create better security in Bali for the convenience of both domestic and foreign tourists,” he said.

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