Balinese Musicians to Perform at Australia’s Wintermoon Festival

DENPASAR ~ A group of 10 Balinese performance artists are to participate in the Wintermoon Festival in Byron Bay, Australia, in May, a spokesman said.

Head of the Suardana Arts Foundation in Celuk village, I Ketut Suardana, said that this would be second time Balinese performers would be taking part in the event.

Last year Australian musician Richard Kaal sponsored the performers to mix traditional Balinese music with modern, he said.

“Richard Kaal, who has been a musician for over 40 years, is very interested in various types of traditional Balinese music. He’s joined the Suardana Art Foundation,” Suardana said, adding that Kaal often gave suggestions on how to preserve and develop traditional music in Bali.

This year, Balinese musicians were prepared to join Kaal for the Wintermoon festival again, but had yet to receive a response from him regarding sponsorship, Suardana said.

“If the sponsor is certain about the event, then we will take the opportunity to promote Bali culture to the international world, as the government of Bali expects us to do,” he stated.

Suardana added that 140 other international groups would also be performing at the Wintermoon Festival this year.

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