Court Orders Extradition of Australian

JAKARTA ~ A court ordered the extradition of an alleged Australian child-sex offender to his home country on Thursday.

A panel of judges agreed to the prosecutors’ demand that Charles Alfred Barnett, 66, should be returned to Australia to face justice there.

The South Jakarta District Court, in a ruling read out by Judge Syaefulah Sumar, has decided to “grant the demand of the prosecutor that Charles Alfred Barnett be extradited.”

“… the defendant himself has admitted that he had engaged in (sexual) assaults against several persons in Australia years ago and has not yet faced trial,” he said.

Barnett’s lawyer Bernard Tifaona said that since the court decision could not be appealed, “we will send a letter to the justice and human rights minister demanding that the extradition be cancelled.”

Barnett was arrested during a raid on his home in the Jakarta satellite city of Depok on February 20 at the demand of Australia through its embassy here.

The Australian government is seeking to prosecute him over alleged sexual offences he committed against a number of children aged between 12 and 17 from 1977 to 1994, prosecutor Sigit Januari Pribadi said.

Barnett has lived in Indonesia for 12 years, where he has taught English and owned a garment business.

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