Truth Beyond Reason

By Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
For The Bali Times

You are caught up in life. Why is it that you cannot see reality as it is? What holds you back? You are moving every moment towards the grave! Every moment is turning you into ash! Yet, you cannot see the reality which is so obvious? Because, you crave for pleasure (sukha) and are afraid of sorrow (dukha). Everything should have logic, but faith transcends logic. You are obsessed with feverishness of desire and are greedy for some achievement.

Sukha, Dukha, Logic and Feverishness – these four reins pull you backwards. You dream of pleasure; this is so amazing! Even after experiencing different pleasures a human being thinks there is pleasure somewhere else. Every pleasure has been so momentary, it has left your hands empty, depleted, drained. Yet one hopes for more pleasure, some unknown, unseen pleasure.

Sukha is pleasure and duhkha is fear of sorrow. What sorrow are you afraid of? What is going to happen to you? You have gone through many problems. You have passed through many stumbling blocks in life, which you thought were impossible. Yet you remained untouched by any of them. Nothing could shake you. It appeared to have shaken you at that moment, but later, you found that you are as complete as you were before.

And then there is desire for more and more. We burn with desire; and this burning desire does not allow you to relax in the peace of your being. Unless you let go of the desires, you can never find peace or rest in divine love. Love is the process of dissolving, of giving, of offering, of serving.

If you do service to gain some merit, it is not service. Many people serve and want their name to appear. It is like paying an advertisement company! People say, “Oh, I will do this service. What will I get in return?” Tell them, “You will get nothing in return!” Wanting to gain holds you back. Your love and devotion does not flower. You belong to the Divine; you think the Divine will not take care of your pleasures, concerns or desires?

Let go of desires, only then you will blossom. Wait for the blossoming. Every bud takes its own time to bloom; don’t force a bud to become a flower. Wait for the total opening in you to come; have patience. This is the manure by which the rose of love will blossom. When you blossom, you will find Satya.

Satya, the Truth. Follow and be with the Truth. Be with the existence. Existence is Truth. The word “sat” is the same for truth and existence in Sanskrit. It is not just speaking the truth, but expressing truth in your whole life. You are in the moment, express this moment. That’s why three things are said: satyam bruyat, speak truth; priyam bruyat, speak the pleasant truth; and satyam priyam hitam, speak beneficial truth.

If you tell a blind person “You are blind,” you are telling the truth but hurting that person. Do not speak unpleasant truth. Hitam, that which is good. A patient is really sick. If you tell them, “You are going to die tomorrow,” he may die right now! A doctor will have to tell him some lie for his own good. Satyam means express the existence as it is but with sincerity.

Shaucha, the Purity. Keep the purity of your mind, speech and body. If some rice is mixed with wheat, and mixed with soap powder, it is impure. But if the same things are presented in different cups, you would say this is pure soap powder, pure rice and pure wheat. Non-mixing of things is purity. And what is impure? When one substance is mixed with another, which is not of the same quality or same type, then it is impure. Purity is not mixing up things.

The author is an internationally revered spiritual leader from India and the founder of the Art of Living Foundation. You are welcome to send your comments and feedback on the article to

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