Local Govt Plans to Further Develop Celukan Bawang Harbor

BULELENG ~ Celukan Bawan was established as an industrial and business area because it had the biggest sea harbor in Buleleng, the Celukan Bawang Harbor, a spokesman said.

Buleleng had a coastline of 144 km in length, he said.

“Sea access offers Buleleng the potential to develop sea communication,” the spokesman stated, adding that Buleleng needed to further develop infrastructure so that transportation of passengers and cargo into Bali through Buleleng would grow.

The regency government had coordinated with National Shipping Lines in order to develop a passenger harbor; in the future, the Celukan Bawang area was expected to become the biggest industrial and business area in northern Bali, he said.

Celukan Bawang currently consisted of four piers, two storehouses and a materials storage field, he stated.

Development programs were being implemented, including the development and arrangement of the harbor: An entry gate had been built, and the aqueduct and a building that housed the waiting room were also being prepared, he said.

In order to accommodate cruise shapes, 200 meters would be added to the second main pier, funded by the Bali province budget, the spokesman added.

A Japanese cruise ship would anchor in the harbor upon completion of the project, he said.

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