Bali Bomber Amrozi Marries Again

JAKARTA ~ A man awaiting execution for his role in the 2002 Bali bombings remarried his ex-wife by proxy on Monday after the authorities refused permission for a death-row wedding, his lawyer said.

Lawyer Fachmi Bachmid said so-called smiling assassin Amrozi, 46, was represented by his younger brother at the ceremony at his bride’s house in East Java.

The man convicted for helping plan the multiple suicide bombings which killed more than 200 people, mostly foreigners, at the resort island of Bali gave his bride a copy of the Koran as a wedding present, he said.

“Amrozi has remarried his first wife. The religious wedding ceremony took place this afternoon at 1:30pm in the bride’s house in Sugihan village in East Java,” said the lawyer who attended the ceremony.

“Amrozi was represented by his younger brother, Ali Fauzi. The marriage is recognized under Islamic law.”

He remarried Siti Rahma, whom he divorced many years ago, with the consent of his second wife to whom he remains married. He has one child with each of the women.

The authorities rejected Amrozi’s request to hold the wedding ceremony at the Nusakambangan island jail off southern Java, where he is on death row along with two of his accomplices.

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