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Dr. Joseph Arimatea is a specialist in internal medicine at a pharmacy on Jl. Gatot Subroto in Denpasar, and commutes between Bali and Lombok, where he teaches at Mataram Hospital. The 60-year-old father of two daughters shared his day with The Bali Times

“When I successfully my patients, I feel that my job as a doctor to heal the sick is successful. “

Every day I wake up at 4am. I turn on my computer and start preparing reports, which is part of my job. Two hours later I have a bath. I don’t have breakfast; I don’t have enough time. I have to teach at Mataram Hospital for an hour and the distance between my hotel and the hospital is half an hour by car. My students at the hospital are post graduate doctors from various fields who I teach endocrinology, which is my area of specialty.

After lecturing for an hour, then I go to Selaparang Airport to catch the flight to Denpasar. Soon after arriving at Ngurah Rai Airport I take my car, which I park in Ngurah Rai parking area every afternoon after I return from my practice, and drive to my practice at Apotek Hannah.

Usually my patients are already waiting when I arrive at the practice. Their problems are often serious and when I successfully treat them I feel that my job as a doctor to heal the sick is successful. This is the best reward a doctor can receive – seeing patients healthy again.

My practice closes at 2pm. My experience in driving on the crowded streets of Denpasar helps me reach the airport in time to catch the evening flight to Mataram. If I miss the flight I have to spend the night at our house in Petitenget. This upsets the next day’s schedule and forces my wife and me to stay intermittently between Lombok and Denpasar, as there is no early morning flight from Denpasar to Lombok that allows me to teach at 7am in Mataram. On the other hand, there are many flights from Lombok to Denpasar.

You can call me a flying doctor, or flying teacher.

After returning to Mataram on the evening flight, I eat brunch –breakfast and lunch together. Though this is not good for my health, my body has adjusted to the timings. After this my wife and I are involved in our favorite hobby – cockfighting – for we are alone as our children have left home and are independent.

We return to the hotel at night and have dinner. Afterwards I prepare the teaching materials for the following day.

In general I sleep three to four hours a night. This is my routine from Monday to Friday. At the weekend I still wake up at 4am, to recheck reports and teaching materials and analyze them, and if there is a seminar the following day, write a speech. Usually twice a month I am invited as a guest speaker on my specialty, endocrinology in cities such as Jakarta, Medan etc. Sometimes we fly back to Bali for a couple of days to spend quality time with our grandchild – our daughter’s oldest child.

After graduating from high school, I continued my studies at the Faculty of Medicine at Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta. Actually, medicine was not my first choice of study; it was technology information.

But due to the fact that doctors could find jobs easily and that information technology was nonexistent in Indonesia in those days, I opted for the noble profession.

After studying at Gadjah Mada University for five years, finally I graduated successfully with smuma cum laude and was an internist by studying at Monash University in Australia for three years, followed by endocrinology studies at Harvard in the US, for two years, then neuroendocrine surgery at Nihon University in Japan, again for 2 years. After having graduated from each university, I always found a job, so that I could save and prepare money for continuing my further education. I worked in many interesting places that took me around the world, so I could pay for my education.

When I look back on my life, there were two main factors that helped me grow professionally – the money I earned from my various jobs and the sights, sounds, smells and experiences while traveling worldwide. Now I am settled in one place, one practice and have a loving family with two daughters and a grandson.

I always enjoy my life, wherever I am, as long as I can heal someone with the gift that God has given me.

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