Internet Fraud Network Busted

WASHINGTON ~ International investigators have busted a vast internet fraud network and charged 38 suspects, most of them Romanians living in the United States, the Justice Department said on Monday.

The suspects are accused of using a technique known as “phishing,” or sending messages to internet users that appear to come from their bank, eBay or PayPal in order to get their banking information and steal their money.

The phishing was done by Romanian hackers who transmitted the information to US-based accomplices, who used the information to make fake bank cards and withdraw cash from ATM machines, according to the indictment.


WASHINGTON ~ Television company CBS Corp. has announced plans to ramp up its technology side by buying troubled internet news firm CNET Networks for US$1.8 billion in cash.

The deal will make CBS “one of the 10 most popular internet companies in the United States,” with 54 million US users and 200 million worldwide, according to a CBS statement.

The acquisition would give the US television network operator the tech news and entertainment portals CNET and ZDNet, along with other sites including,, CNET News, UrbanBaby, BNET, CHOW and

Spammers to pay MySpace $230m

SAN FRANCISCO ~ A US judge has ordered a pair of accused spammers to pay MySpace about US$230 million in what is being billed as a record-setting punishment for such internet abuses.

Federal district court judge Audrey Collins issued a judgment against Sanford Wallace and Walter Rines last week after they didn’t show up in her California courtroom for a hearing in the case.

News Corp-owned MySpace accused the pair of using their own or other customers’ MySpace accounts to deluge the online community with email that tricked them into linking to sales pitches or websites that earned the men “per hit” payments.

NATO Launches Cyber-Defense Centre

BRUSSELS ~ NATO has launched a new cyber-defense training centre in Tallinn to defend against attacks over the internet, a year after Estonia fell victim to a “cyber-war” blamed on Russian hackers.

At NATO headquarters in Brussels, seven member nations – Estonia, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia and Spain – signed documents formally establishing the Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence in the Estonian capital.

“The need for a cyber-defense centre to be opened today is compelling,” said General James Mattis, who heads NATO’s transformation efforts. “It will help NATO defy and successfully counter the threats in this area.”

Sina Launches English Site

BEIJING ~ Leading Chinese internet portal has launched an English news site, amid intense global interest in China following last week’s earthquake tragedy.

“We have chosen to launch our English news site now as we would like to provide up-to-minute coverage of the earthquake for overseas people who are concerned about the tragedy,” Sina president and CEO Charles Chao said.

“Over the longer term, we intend to make this site a window for international communities to have an easy access to China-related information and to have better understanding about modern China.” The site’s address is

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