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Japanese to Brew ‘Space Beer’

TOKYO ~ A Japanese brewery is planning the first “space beer,” using offspring of barley once stored at the International Space Station.

Researchers said this week the project was part of efforts to prepare for a future in which humans spend extended periods of time in space – and might like a cold beer after a spacewalk.

Japanese brewery Sapporo Holdings said it would make beer using the third-generation of barley grains that had spent five months on the International Space Station in 2006. “We want to finish the beer by November. It will be the first space beer,” Sapporo executive Junichi Ichikawa told reporters.

Colonial Premier Dug Up for Test

SYDNEY ~ The exhumation of a lecherous Australian colonial leader for a paternity test has angered his acknowledged relatives, who this week described the process as “appalling.”

The remains of South Australian premier Charles Cameron Kingston, who died a century ago, were dug up in March at the request of an unnamed businessman and his sister who claim they are his descendants.

Kingston, whose government was the first to introduce legislation to give women the vote in Australia, was a known womanizer before his marriage to Lucy McCarthy. “His marriage was not a happy union and he soon returned to lechery,” the Australian Dictionary of Biography notes.

Nudist German Flights Scrapped

BERLIN ~ Despite being fully booked by naturists wanting to take off and strip off, a German travel company said it has decided to scrap a special nude flight that had been scheduled for this summer.

The July 5 flight was due to be the first of many and was aimed at east Germans nostalgic for the naturism that was authorized and extremely popular under communist rule.

The 50 people with tickets would have boarded the flight in the eastern city of Erfurt fully clothed, but once on the plane would have been free to undress and enjoy the rest of the journey as nature intended.

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