Padangbai Festival Draws Tourists: Official

PADANGBAI ~ According to president of the local organization Junior Chamber International, Yuda Suparsana, the number of tourist visits to Padangbai now is much higher than Candidasa, with room occupancy at an average of 60 percent.

The Padangbai Festival seems to have influenced the number of tourists visiting Padangbai, he said.

“Many of the activities seen in the Padangbai Festival are positive contributions to the preservation of the arts. This festival has a significant importance for tourism promotion in Padangbai, Karangasem and Bali in general. It signals the recovery of tourism in Bali, led by the government, can work.

“This festival has also been very effective in introducing the unique qualities of Karangasem’s art and culture. It could be a special attraction for holiday tourists”, said Suparsana.

The festival, from May 22-31, showcased traditional boat races, the performance of unique dances and local instruments, offering making and the making of Balinese decorated bamboo poles called penjor, believed to be the tail of the mythical Barong lion, a symbol of goodness and grace in Balinese folklore.

The festival had 62 security guards from villages nearby, and a team of 16 Balinese Amateur Rescue Emergency Service people, to protect the safety of visitors and locals involved.

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