Geetha Warrier is the marketing director of the soon-to-be unveiled St. Regis Bali, currently nearing final construction in the upmarket tourism enclave of Nusa Dua. The 40-year-old Singaporean, who recently moved to Bali to take up the post, shared her day with The Bali Times

I love to go to tourist areas like Tanah Lot, or Dreamland and other beaches.

I wake up every day around 6am, and after washing my face I go to the gym and exercise for about 45 minutes. I go to the gym at Laguna Resort & Spa, where I’m living. Exercising is part of my routine every single day, even on Sundays and other days off. Exercise makes my body, soul and spirit feel energized. At my age, exercise is not to make my body look beautiful or sexy but to give me energy and flexibility.

I have coffee and read the newspapers to relax after my workout. I don’t know why but since I moved to Bali three months ago, I have started to drink coffee. In Singapore, where I’m from, I drank tea every morning. When I have my coffee, I focus on reading the world news, paying special attention to economics, and tourism issues; then I take a bath, and get ready for work. At 8am the driver comes to pick me up to go to the office, and at 8:45 my workday begins.

We start the morning with a meeting, to plan programs, activities and strategies for development. As the opening of St. Regis is getting closer and closer, our office is quite busy. Then, after the meeting, I have to read and answer my emails, which can take a long time as there may be as many as 500 per day. I also spend some time showing the mockup of our resort to the media, describing our resort and so on.

Around 12 I have lunch in my office, usually grabbing anything I can eat; however, I never forget to take vitamins, which I think are very important for staying healthy. Because we are so busy, I rarely get more than five minutes for lunch. For the rest of the day, I take care of anyone from the media visiting our office, and deal with the production of press releases and publications.

My workday doesn’t end until about 8pm, when I head back to my hotel and have dinner. Most of the time I have no time to go out to find dinner so I just eat at the hotel. After dinner I can finally spend some time for myself, answering personal emails from friends and family back in Singapore. I also love to read, especially about world history. If I get back to the hotel early, which is very rare, believe me, I like to go for a walk to refresh my mind.

At about 11pm, after all the usual night activities, relaxing, watching TV and preparing for work the next day, I go to bed to rest my body and soul.

On weekends I dedicate my time to things I enjoy, like reading, exercise and adventuring to new places, and to take in the cultural differences. I love to go to tourist areas like Tanah Lot, or Dreamland and other beaches. I love the beach. Sometimes I just sit waiting for sunrise to come, feeling the fresh energy seeping into my body. One thing I always remind myself is, no matter how old I get, I always want to keep my mind and heart young.

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