The Internet Log in Tokyo Stabbing Spree

TOKYO ~ A Japanese autoworker arrested for stabbing to death seven people in Tokyo’s Akihabara district left a chilling account of his plan of action on the internet, police said.

Herewith a chronology of some of the key postings that 25-year-old Tomohiro Kato sent via his cellphone onto online bulletin boards on Sunday, as quoted by Japanese media:

– 5:21am: “I’ll crash my vehicle into people and if the vehicle becomes useless, I’ll get out a knife. Goodbye everyone”

– 5:21: “Sleepy”

– 5:34: “My headache isn’t getting any better”

– 5:35: “And weather forecasts say it’s gonna rain. What a disaster”

– 5:44: “Getting arrested in the middle of this would suck”

– 6:02: “I’m used to playing the good guy. People get fooled easily”

– 6:03: “(I) was known to adults as a good kid – to adults”

– 6:03: “Can’t make friends, can I”

– 6:04: “There are just a few buddies who gave me long friendships”

– 6:05: “I’m still on an email mailing list. I’m a bit happy about that”

– 6:10: “They say the roads I was planning to use are closed. See, everything gets in my way”

– 6:31: “It’s time. Let’s go”

— 6:39: “Seems like it’s going to be a struggle against the headache”

– 6:49: “Against the rain, too”

– 6:50: “Against time, too”

– 7:30: “This rain is awful. Even though I prepared everything perfectly”

– 7:47: “Well, I don’t care. I’ll go even if it’s raining, even if it’s on a small scale”

– 9:48: “Taking a break as I arrived at Kanagawa (a prefecture near Tokyo). Seems like doing fine so far”

– 10:53: “Terrible traffic jam. I wonder if I can get there on time”

– 11:07: “Shibuya (a trendy part of Tokyo popular with young people) sucks”

– 11:17: “It’s sunny here”

– 11:45: “Arrived in Akihabara”

– 11:45: “Today streets are free of vehicles, aren’t they?”

– 12:10 pm: “It’s time”

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