Thai to Cancel New York Flight

BANGKOK ~ Flag carrier Thai Airways will cancel its direct flight from Bangkok to New York and sell four planes used on the route as rising fuel prices cut into profits, a company official said.

“As of July 1, Thai Airways will not fly to New York because of high fuel prices. We have enough passengers, but the high fuel prices have put the airline in a difficult position,” the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Thai Airways will maintain its direct flight to Los Angeles, which will be the carrier’s only remaining US destination, the official said.

First Private Space Flight to ISS in 2011

NEW YORK ~ The first private space flight to the International Space Station will blast off in 2011 in a deal with the Russian space agency and could be carrying space tourist Google co-founder Sergey Brin.

“We believe 99 percent of people want to experience space,” the head of the US company, Space Adventures, Eric Anderson, told a press conference on Wednesday.

“Our goal is to have at least one mission to the ISS per year. There are more and more young billionaires who can afford the cost of a spaceflight.”

Swiss Investment Firm ‘Saves Silverjet’

LONDON ~ Silverjet, the small business-class airline that entered administration last month, has been bought by a Swiss investment firm, The Daily Telegraph reported on Tuesday.

According to the newspaper, which did not cite its sources, the airline was bought for an undisclosed sum by Kingplace, an Ireland-based company managed by Heritage Cie SA, a Geneva-based investment company.

It said that the offer for Silverjet, which had flights from London to New York and Dubai, had been made on behalf of “private clients.”

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