Ni Kadek Sukasih is the manager of a small bank in the village of Singapadu near Ubud. A family oriented woman who relishes the simple life but occasionally needs a refreshing change, the 38-year-old shared her day with The Bali Times
It’s good to get out of the village sometimes and see what’s going on elsewhere.

I have always risen before the sunrise, even as a little girl, because there has always been a lot to do around the house in the morning. Now that I am older and my three sisters have married and moved away, there is less to do, but I’m in the habit of getting up early anyway.

When I get up I go straight to the kitchen to make coffee and sit for a moment in the quiet to think about what I need to do during the day. My father gets up very early as well, to go out to the fields, and my mother and I have to go to the market to buy food for the day; so I often make them coffee as well. My brother and his wife have a young baby so they try to get a bit more sleep if they can.

At the market there is always gossip to listen to and everyone discusses the price of things. At the moment there is a lot of talk about prices going up because of the rise in fuel prices. I’m not really one for gossip so I just listen to everyone else.

When we get home at about 7am, I help to cook food for the day and take my nephew so my sister-in-law can shower and eat. All my sisters and brothers have children and I love all of them equally. I love being an aunt and spending time playing with all the kids. Some of them are grown up now, but they come over all the time to visit.

After a shower I get into work clothes and leave for the bank at 8.30am, five days a week. It’s only a three-minute walk to the office and sometimes it doesn’t really feel like I’m leaving home at all.

When I get there I open up and chat to the other girls I work with while we wait for customers. It’s a very small operation and I know everyone who uses the bank. People sometimes stop by just to say hello and chat. When I have customers I have to fill out any necessary paperwork and count money. A lot of the work I do during the day is receiving credit payments and calculating interest. I’ve always been good at maths and since we don’t deal in huge sums of money, the work isn’t very hard.

At 2pm I close up the bank and walk home. I get changed into comfortable clothes and have something to eat. There are always people around and usually lots of nephews and nieces; so I take some time to play with them and help out if any of my sisters need a break. There are always chores around the house to do, like sweeping and making offerings; my afternoons are full.

When I’m not busy at home, I like to go with one of my sisters or nieces to Denpasar to shop or just look around. It’s good to get out of the village sometimes and see what’s going on elsewhere. Living and working in such a little village is great but sometimes I have to get out and see some new faces.

Most days I spend my evenings chatting with my family or watching TV. I guess some people would say I’m shy but really I’m not; I just don’t like to talk about things that aren’t interesting to me. If someone talks about something I find really interesting, there’s no stopping me.

I go to bed about 10pm because I know I have to start the day again fresh in the morning. Every night before I go to sleep I make sure everyone else is okay and anything that needs to be is prepared for the morning. Without checking I can’t sleep. When I get into bed I fall asleep straight away and don’t wake again until the morning.

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