Mayor of Denpasar Inaugurates Public Hall in Banjar Kedaton

DENPASAR ~ Mayor of Denpasar A.A. Puspayoga inaugurated a new public hall in Banjar Kedaton, Kesiman, on Tuesday.

The inauguration was marked by the signing of an epigraph by Puspayoga alongside Ida Pedanda Gede Putra Manuaba from Griya Toko, Sanur.

The mayor also watched a procession to the public and city halls from Pemayun, attended by thousands of Kedaton locals.

After the kul-kul (traditional instrument to call villagers) was successfully raised, the kul-kul was purified in a melaspas ceremony.

During the event, Puspayoga, who last week was voted the island’s next deputy governor, asked Hindu people to guard and preserve togetherness by following the example of the citizens of Banjar Kedaton.

“This togetherness is the key for Balinese people to keep Balinese traditions and guard against being swayed by global culture,” Puspayoga said.

He said public halls, such as the one in Kedaton, were the centre of social interaction and traditional customs and culture for the Balinese and it was important that they be preserved.

“Public halls benefit social culture and other activities in the banjars, such as the development of sport and art. This supports keeping Bali’s traditions alive,” said Puspayoga, accompanied by deputy speaker of the Denpasar Parliament Wayan Wiranata.

Puspayoga added that the sound of the kulkul represented the voice of people and was proof of their togetherness.

The chief of the building committee, Ir. Gst Bagus Oka, said the building of the public hall cost about Rp150 million (US$16,300) without the expenses of the ceremonies.

The kul-kul for the hall was designed by Ida Pedanda Gede Putra Manuaba and was contributed to the banjar by the family of the Pemayun Palace in Kesiman.

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