Agus Daia, a 28-year-old jewelry designer and bachelor, shared his creative day with The Bali Times

I could be a bit of a workaholic if it wasn’t for my friends.

I wake up late by Bali standards, about 8:30 or 9 most mornings because I spend most of the night working. I have been known to emerge from my room about midday, though.

I feel much more creative during the night and am easily distracted if I try to do too much during the day. There is always activity in my house so even though it’s hard to sleep in the mornings, I cover my head with a pillow and try to block out all the noise.

When I get up, I take a shower, have breakfast and read the paper with coffee and a cigarette. I usually spend some time talking with my mother and father and then head back into my room. Often during the day I have to meet with clients or go to check on the craftsmen who make my designs. I spend a lot of time driving from place to place and also dealing with the shipping of the finished products. I have to check everything over carefully before I send it, which can take a really long time.

In the evenings I tend to hang out with my friends or take my girlfriend out somewhere. We like to go out for dinner or to the beach to just sit and talk. I have a lot of friends from ISI (Indonesian Institute of Art) that I don’t get to see everyday anymore now we are finished with school, so we try to make plans for the evenings. Without a social life I would feel like I was working all the time and because I work at home I have to get out and stretch my legs as much as I can. I could be a bit of a workaholic if it wasn’t for my friends.

My parents teach a Javanese martial art at our house every night, which I am trained in, and although I used to take part every night, I now only do it once a week or so. A lot of the people who attend are recovering from an illness or have some kind of disease and need to regain power in their bodies. There are a few older people who have had strokes that are now much stronger because of the training. It’s quite amazing. I guess I’ve just become a bit lazy about it now.

Like I said, I feel much more creative at night, so when I get home I get some coffee and get down to work. I usually start about 8pm and work through until 2 or 3 in the morning. I draw and work on the computer, making new designs or reworking old ones. I have a lot of clients in the US and it’s much easier to be in contact with them at night because of the time difference. I have my office all set up at home with my computer and a drawing desk, but it’s a bit of a mess. I try to keep it tidy but it never works. I think most creative people are messy.

I rarely get to sleep before about 1am because I really push myself to work as much as possible. I hope to go to the US soon but need to save money for the trip. I have to be really self-motivated because I am the boss and I don’t get paid if I’m lazy about work.

When I’m not working or hanging out with friends, I help out in the village where I live, like a good Balinese boy. I enjoy the all-night lawar satay-making sessions. They are a great time to stay up all night and talk with all the guys in the village, have a little drink and eat good food. That kind of hard work is definitely fun. I think a mix of fun and work is really important. What’s that quote from that film? All work and no play…

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