Bag of Body Parts Leads Police to Backyard Graves

JAKARTA ~ A bag of body parts found on a roadside has led police to uncover an alleged string of serial killings that claimed the lives of five men, officers said this week.

Police unearthed four bodies on Monday in a backyard at the East Java home of the parents of murder suspect Verry Idham Henyaksyah, also known as Ryan, Jakarta Police general crimes chief Carlo Brix Tewu said.

Henyaksyah was arrested last week after police discovered a suitcase containing a dismembered torso and legs and a carryall containing a head and neck in the capital.

The 30-year-old Koran recital teacher confessed to killing and dismembering Herry Santoso because he was convinced Santoso was trying to steal his boyfriend, Tewu said.

“The murderer was jealous because his same-sex lover was asked out on a date by the mutilation victim,” he said.

Under interrogation, Henyaksyah confessed to killing four other men, including a Dutch national, and burying them at his parents’ home, Tewu said.

“The sadistic murder (of Santoso) helped us to reveal a murder of four other victims at another location in East Java,” Tewu said.

Police are carrying out autopsies to conclusively identify the four bodies and have been unable to confirm if a Dutch national was among Henyaksyah’s alleged victims, Tewu said.

Tewu declined to comment on whether police expected to find more victims.

Indonesia has executed four murderers in the last month, including a self-styled shaman who killed 42 women and drank their saliva in a black magic ritual intended to increase his powers.

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