Briton Puts Divorce Pact Online to Silence Critics

LONDON ~ A British millionaire businessman has put the details of his divorce agreement online to silence critics who have accused him of being a “greedy, tight, ruthless bastard.”

Gary Dean, 47, said he had had enough of “tittle-tattle” about his split from his wife Helen and wanted to set the record straight by revealing details of the £3.7-million (US$7.38-million) settlement.

“Over the course of the last year… I have been subject to gossip about my divorce, some of it just silly tittle-tattle, and some of it malicious,” he said on the website, headed The Truth about Helen Louise Dean v Gary Dean.

“Much of this is circulated and perpetuated by people who haven’t got a bloody clue of what the truth is. They are just making wild guesses… It’s a bad case of Chinese Whispers.”

The couple, who lived with their four children in an affluent area in the county of Lancashire, northwest England, reached a divorce agreement in court last July after 19 years of marriage.

Details of settlements made in the family courts, which sit behind closed doors with press and public excluded, are normally kept secret unless the deal is contested by one of the parties.

But setting out the details online, Dean said he had paid his wife a cash lump sum of £3.719 million, as well as £15,000 per year for each child until the age of 17 and all school fees.

In addition he gave her “all jewelry, diamonds and watches, Mercedes E500, Audi Convertible 3.0” and her “cherished number plates 7HD and 10HD.”

Dean, who set up his own business 16 years ago, said he had built up the couple’s life from relative poverty in the early years of their marriage to a “luxurious standard of living” through “a lot of hard work.”

He acknowledged his wife’s claim that her future earning capability was limited because she had not worked during their marriage, but insisted the divorce settlement was fair to her.

“I have been painted in some quarters as a greedy, tight, ruthless bastard who abandoned my wife and children, walking off with millions and leaving my family almost destitute,” said the advertising executive.

“It’s simply not true,” he added.

Dean said he had so far had no reaction from his ex-wife to his online revelations. “I have heard nothing. Not one call. I don’t know if that’s good or bad,” he said.

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