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Half Million Dollars Found in Diapers

MEXICO CITY ~ A package of baby diapers yielded an unlikely load in Mexico, according to the Defense Ministry: nearly half a million dollars in cash.

Soldiers conducting a routine check last Friday “found in a tractor-trailer a packet of diapers containing US$490,300,” the ministry said in a statement.

It said the cash was likely a stash of narco-dollars destined for money-laundering, as the truck had come from Culiacan, the capital of Sinaloa state in Mexico’s northwest, a region known for trafficking by major drug cartels.

Tasmanian Devils ‘Have more Sex’

SYDNEY ~ Australia’s iconic Tasmanian devil has extended its breeding season to last all year since the advent of a deadly disease that threatens to wipe out the species, a researcher said on Monday.

Wildlife biologist David Pemberton said the finding appeared to be linked to recent research showing that the animals were also having sex younger since the disease appeared.

The illness, which causes facial tumors, is spread by contact between the animals and generally kills them within three to six months. As a result they are generally living for only two years compared to six in the past, he said.

MP Admits Debate too Complicated

NEW DELHI ~ An Indian MP temporarily released from prison to cast a crucial vote in parliament admitted on Tuesday the debate over a controversial nuclear deal with the United States was too complicated for him.

Ateeq Ahmed is one of six Indian lawmakers who was released from jail over the weekend to enable him to participate in a ballot that political commentators say is too close to call.

“I have not understood what the deal is all about. Though I listened very attentively to the debate throughout yesterday (Monday), I could not make any head or tail out of it,” Ahmed was quoted as saying by the Press Trust of India.

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