Doubts Raised over Prostate Cancer Screening

US experts no longer recommend routine prostate cancer screenings for men 75 and older, saying the risks outweigh the benefits for that age group, a report published on Tuesday in the Annals of Internal Medicine said.

In a revision of its 2002 recommendations, the US Preventive Services Task Force also said more data was needed to assess the balance of benefit and harm in administering the routine cancer detection tests in men younger than 75.

Prostate-specific antigen screening is a blood test that enables detection of prostate cancer before symptoms develop, at an early stage when it remains potentially curable.

New Drug Developed – with Maggots

British researchers have developed a new antibiotic using maggots that can be used to treat bugs, including some strains of the drug-resistant bacteria MRSA, they announced this week.

A team from Swansea University in south Wales has created Seraticin, a drug made from the secretions of green bottle fly larvae.

They hope it will be turned into a treatment that can be injected, swallowed as a pill or used as an ointment.

Obesity Report Calls for Junk Food Tax

A French official report has called for a new tax on sweet and fatty foods, sodas and alcohol in a bid to fight obesity, which already afflicts one in five French adults.

Drawn up jointly by the French tax and social affairs inspectorates, the report was handed to Budget Minister Eric Woerth and his counterpart for health Roselyne Bachelot late last month, ministry officials said this week.

According to Les Echos newspaper, it calls for the VAT sales tax rate to be lifted from 5.5 to 19.6 percent on all food stuffs considered “too rich, too sweet, too salty and which are not strictly necessary.”

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