Dear Sir

William’s problems at the pharmacy (last week’s One Day in a Bali Lifetime column) will be familiar to many. They’re always good for a laugh, when they happen to someone else. Our preference wherever possible is to use a local apotik. Generally they are very helpful and, unless you’re after apparatus for western sport medicine, fairly well stocked.

I’ve often thought, incidentally, that being a stock controller or purchasing officer in a Indonesian retail outlet would be the world’s easiest job. You just wait until you’ve sold out of something (which you only find out when someone asks if they can buy it), then you think about reordering.

Yours sincerely

Richard Laidlaw



Dear Sir

I am closely associated with Nyoman Sugita, owner of Puri Uluwatu Villas. They are definitely not closed as was prominently stated in the poorly researched article on the front page of last week’s edition (In Uluwatu, Surprising Support for Villas), even including a blurry photograph of the driveway. Actually they are fully booked with the team members (including current world champion) from Rip Curl.

As far as the “radius issue,” two things that I have not seen mentioned in any of the news related to the current controversy:

1. If there is to be no commercial activity in the radius around Uluwatu Temple, then the warungs in the parking lot and the cellular phone towers must also be closed and be removed. I doubt it!

2. Puri Uluwatu Villas, for example, has three different permits, for building, business and accommodation. All were issued by the relevant government agencies and none of them were free of cost. If it is not allowed to have a villa development/business in that location, then why does the government collect taxes every month from these villas?

Sort of like, “if it is illegal to sell drugs, then would it make sense for the government to collect taxes from the dealers?”

Yours sincerely


– We apologize for the error. The source of the closed-down villas was a local official. The Editor.


Dear Sir

I was so pleased to see that you have renewed the “creative license” for Mark Ulyseas (Paradox in Paradise).

I have enjoyed his column so much during my year of living in Bali. I will miss my Friday-morning read, when I return to Perth later this month. Mark’s column is witty and beautifully crafted. It is sometimes romantic, sometimes funny – often controversial and always entertaining.

Mark manages to get under the surface of all things Bali. He is not afraid to call a spade a shovel, and tell things as he sees them. It matters not if we all agree, but it’s interesting to read such thought-provoking articles.

I also like the fact that his writing encompasses all parts of Bali – not just the hallowed grounds of Ubud. He sometimes even visits Kuta! (A seeming rarity amongst expat writers and artists).

I will try to keep reading Mark’s observations on life via the internet, from my other world back in Australia. So glad it is to be continued.

Thanks for the wonderful stories.

Yours sincerely

Liz Hayes (Lisa)

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