Sri Lanka Bans Internet Porn

COLOMBO ~ Sri Lanka’s president has ordered an immediate ban on pornographic websites in a bid to prevent children being exposed to adult content, the telecommunications regulator said this week

Service providers in Sri Lanka have been asked to filter websites showing obscene, pornographic and other sexually explicit material, said the head of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, Priyantha Kariyapperuma.

“If an adult wants to have unrestricted access to the internet, they have to pay and get a password from the service provider,” Kariyapperuma said.

Wordscraper Spells Scrabulous Revival

Scrabble knock-off Scrabulous has been reborn as online game Wordscraper in a move that could help fend off a lawsuit by US game maker Hasbro.

The reincarnation came after Scrabulous was pulled from US and Canadian Facebook pages last week and just hours after hackers sabotaged a Hasbro-sanctioned online Scrabble game made by Electronic Arts. was launched by brothers Rajat and Jayant Agarwalla in India in 2005 and rocketed to popularity two years later after they released a version as a free “add-on” application for Facebook, the social networking site.

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