Udayana University Named Anti-Corruption Center

JIMBARAN ~ The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) announced on Wednesday that the University of Udayana will be the chosen university of the anti-corruption community.

KPK chief Antazari Azhar delivered a lecture in front of 2,282 new students at the Widya Sabha Auditorium, Bukit Jimbaran Campus, speaking about the work of the KPK.

Head of Udayana University Prof. Dr. I Made Bakta said the university has built a relationship with the KPK in order to eradicate corruption in future generations.

He said that as an academic institution, the university should become the first line of defense in the prevention of corruption.

Bakta admitted that it would be difficult to carry the onus of being the anti-corruption community’s chosen university, but it would make them work harder on the eradication of corruption.

“One program we will be running is lectures by the KPK related to anti-corruption techniques and rules,” Bakta said.

Antazari Azhar, who gave a lecture entitled “Corruption and Its Implications for Young Men,” said that preventing corruption was much better than having to take action against it.

“If there is still corruption happening after the preventative steps have been taken, arrests would have to be made,” Antazhari said.

According to him, people who ignore corrupt behavior are just as much to blame as those who are corrupt.

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