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Last week, several cases of animal abuse passed through the BAWA clinic.
One case was a gentle, sweet Bali dog named Mentari. Owned by an
Englishwoman who is currently in the UK receiving chemotherapy, Mentari routinely plays with other dogs in the village but never chases chickens or threatens people. Last Wednesday a neighbor brutally attacked her with a knife, slashing her repeatedly on the belly. She managed to get home, where the housesitter called the BAWA ambulance, which took her to the clinic.
Luckily there were visiting vets in town who were able to close the deep wounds, which required three sets of stitches. Mentari survived her ordeal; many do not.
We received a dog who had been poisoned, which is a daily occurrence in Bali. Most die as they can’t get medical attention in time.
Then there were the three litters of kittens which had been taken from their mothers at two days old and dumped in the street. Even with 24-hour care at the BAWA clinic, most did not survive, because they were too young to feed from a bottle.
Tourists rescued a puppy thrown into a river gorge with a chain tightly wrapped around its neck and middle. This lucky puppy was brought to the clinic and is getting stronger by the day. Most animals dumped in this way are not found in time.
In many cases we know who the perpetrators are, but we’re helpless to do anything about these acts of cruelty because Indonesia has no effective animal welfare laws. There is an old law on the books with a maximum 45-cent fine for poisoning, torturing or abusing an animal. The police do not consider this law worth enforcing. Without strong laws, BAWA can’t protect the many animals that are abused here each year.
Please help us end this cruelty by signing our petition. If you’ve already signed it, accept our thanks and pass it along to your local welfare groups, shelters, vets, animal lovers and friends. The more signatures we can get, the faster we can approach the government to strengthen the laws – and the sooner Indonesia’s animals will be protected from abuse.
To sign the petition, please visit our website: www.bawabali.com.


Janice Girardi
Founder, Bali Animal Welfare Association

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