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Man Spots ‘Dead’ Dad on TV

LONDON ~ A British man saw his father on a television show – five years after thought he had been cremated, police said.
John Renehan’s father, John Delaney, went missing in 2000, and when the decomposing body of a man with similar clothes and distinguishing wounds was found in January 2003, the man was duly identified and cremated.
But the real Delaney, 71, was in a nearby care home, having been found in 2000 wandering the streets suffering from amnesia following a brain injury and unable to recall his identity. Given a new name, “David Harrison” appeared on a missing persons television appeal, seen by a stunned Renehan, 42, who called in.

Snake on a Plane

NEW DELHI ~ Crew on an Air India passenger jet discovered a snake coiled up under a seat and were unable to catch it as it slithered around the plane, the airline said.
The snake was disturbed during a routine check on the Air India A319 aircraft, which had landed at Delhi airport after a domestic flight from Srinagar.
It evaded capture by slipping into an air vent and could not be found even when staff unscrewed panels inside the fuselage, opened all the doors and fumigated the plane.

Shark Protester Suspended by Hooks

LONDON ~ A British woman was suspended from the ceiling of a London shop by hooks put through her skin, in protest against the practice of slicing fins from sharks and throwing them back into the ocean alive.
Spectators gasped as blood trickled down the back of 26-year-old performance artist Alice Newstead, but she insisted it did not hurt.
“I am doing this because the demand for shark fin soup and other shark products is wiping out the shark population,” said Newstead, who used to work in the Lush cosmetics store in the capital’s upmarket Regent Street.

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