Dominique Seguin is a Bali-based interior designer and brains behind the Disini brand; she shared her day with The Bali Times
I am French, but now I feel so comfortable with the way people drive in Bali that I am scared of driving in France.
I wake up at 6:30am, have breakfast, gather all my papers and think about all the things I have to do during the day. I leave the house around 8am, but every day is different because I’m my own boss so I have no schedule. I just work according to what has to be done. Sometimes I spend all day in my office, and sometimes I go to visit customers or factories in and around Denpasar.
The one thing I always do first every morning, though, is go to my office, check my emails and talk with my assistant, Asi. Together we decide which materials we have to order, do some paperwork and check the appointments I have with customers, which can take us a long time.
We usually finish our discussions around 12pm, and then go for lunch at a small warung close to the office, something quick and casual. I like to see the ricefields while I eat; it’s much more atmospheric than any fancy restaurant. At about 1:30pm our break is over, and I go back to work, visiting people I work with around the island.
This can be quite tiring, because I have to be very aware of what is happening when I go to see factories or customers, paying close attention to everything. I watch every detail because I want to know what is going on with my products, wherever I am.
I do all the work and drive on my own. I like it actually. I’m used to the traffic in Indonesia, as I grew up in Cambodia, where the roads were pretty much the same. I am French, but now I feel so comfortable with the way people drive here that I am scared of driving in France.
I think my upbringing is one of the reasons I love Bali so much. I was born in Cambodia, and we lived on a caoutchouc plantation. When I got older, I started traveling, and the first thing I remember thinking about Bali is, “Oh, I would like to live here!” That was in 1985, and I settled here in 1992.
Before moving to Bali, I wasn’t an interior designer. I was working in fashion, and had my own brand, Histoire Do, but I have always loved beautiful things, so going from dealing with clothes to dealing with interior decoration was not a huge step for me. When I came to Bali, I felt there was something that could be done here, with decoration, so and then I created Disini, my own shop and brand.
Now I create products made of fabric for houses, and I also decorate private villas. We have a small factory behind my office, so I am free to create in my own pace, which is great, because I do everything myself. I have everything in my head, and even though I sometimes draw it up and give it to someone who can draw it properly, I always know exactly what I want. I am an impulsive person. I only draw when I am inspired. I get my inspiration from traveling, and sometimes just from everyday life.
The most important thing for me is to find the balance between fashion, what people will like and what I want to create. I’m not scared by the idea of being copied, which seems to happen a lot here. I think people copy you because you are good, and if they don’t, it means you’re not that good.
At 5 or 6pm, after driving all around, I go back to the office to talk with Asi again. Asi has been working for me for five years now, and I couldn’t handle all the work I have without her. At the end of the day, we discuss things again, how it’s going with customers and factories, and then I check my emails again and work a bit on the computer.
Then my working day is over, and I am free to leave the office. Most of the time, I go to buy some food, go home and cook. I love cooking, and that’s usually what I’m doing until my husband comes back from work. He also works like crazy.
Evening is the time when I can relax, and if I don’t have friends coming to visit, or go out to dinner, I go to bed early. While I’m falling asleep, I often think about how satisfied I am with my day, and how I’m excited to wake up the next day because I am a passionate person, and my work is my passion.

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